A haunting tale about dangerous driving.  This powerful drama challenges young drivers to consider the risks when choosing to drive at high speeds, consider the consequences of not wearing a seatbelt as passengers and to realise how common and devastating a car crash can be.  

We see Amy, a beautiful 18 year old girl who has recently left home to go to college.  Through the eyes of her mother and her boyfriend we get to know her.  The audience watch Amy via facetime converstions on a large TV interact with the characters on set, we hear her talk on the phone to her Mother and see her freinds planning a surprise for her.  A beautiful mix of live perfomance and cinema that truly does ask the audience is there a need for speed? 


We go on to see her laughing and smiling the moments before she is killed in a car crash, killed by her boyfriend, James. James was driving a little too fast, he didnt mean to, he just didnt think.   He didnt think that he may skid and lose control, he thought he was a good driver.  


These final moments are the only memories James has of Amy now, the only thing he thinks about and the only nightmare he dreams about….Afterall he killed her and this will haunt him forever!


"You dont get a second chance with your life, I never thought it would happen to me"

Key messages

Consequences of dangerous driving,  speeding, taking risks,  passenger safety, seatbelts and peer pressure 

Amy & James (centre with best freinds Sarah and Heidi)

Available for block bookings for Road Safety teams or for schools/colleges for single performances 

Trailer coming soon. Available from March 2017. 

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