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22nd - 31st October 2016 

Ginificent are proud to be the main event organisors of this years spookport festival in our home town Southport

Our GINIFICENT producers are recruiting performing artists to join our Monster Academy for this years SPOOKPORT Festival.  All Monsters will perform at this years finale parade on Lord Street, Southport which will take place on Friday 28th October between 6-7pm.  So if you can dance, sing or scare we want you! We have limited places available so please submit your application ASAP to guarantee your place in this years event.   This is fantastic opportunity to get involved in one of Southport's biggest attractions and perform alongside professional artists in this spooktacular parade.   For more information call us on 01704 461509.  Academy workshops will take place in various venues in Southport/Ainsdale. 

Join us on Lord Street for the breath taking headline parade on Friday the 28th of October from 6pm.   The supernatural demons that have possessed the townsfolk of Southport will be driven out with light & lanterns!  There will be live music, action, dancing and certainly a spectacle to feast your eyes on if you dare! Not to be missed!! Join us in a disguise of your own so you are not recognised by the dead and dreadful beings of halloween at Southport.  

Not your usual ghost tour! and certainly not for the faint hearted.  Be prepared for a journey of terror and torment. Discover what is lurking in the shadows as you journey around the victorian world of the Penny Dreadful characters, Werewolfs...  Vampires... Witches and The UNDEAD will all be part of this terrifying event! The ultimate scare attraction for Southports Spookport festival 2016

All events include a varied expierience...walking, crawling, hiding, running and certanily screaming!!! Suitable clothing reccomended! For group bookings or enquires call 01704 461509 

 Performing in The Atkinson Theatre Southport.  Ginificent presents a real time production that will chill you to the bone.  A young couple head off to a remote cottage in Wales for a well-deserved break with their young baby…The tension builds as the couple unfold the terror within the cottage as something does not want them there! They are plunged into terrifying ordeal that everyone can relate to! In a true British comedy style performance, the couple bicker through their evening of ghostly encounters…which makes the tension and scenario even more real to the audience! 

We are looking for talented, budding young authors to submit 500 word ‘Penny Dreadful’ style stories. If your youngsters love to write and are full of imagination, we invite them to write a ghoulish, spine tingling adventure story, set in spooky Southport. Open to children aged 5-14, the competition encourages creative minds to come up with short, Halloween stories in the style of the famous Victorian Penny Dreadfuls.


Penny Dreadfuls were an early literary phenomenon; sensational tales of intrigue, adventure and horror. Costing just a penny, each short story was set against a blood soaked backdrop of the Victorian era. With themes of highwaymen, pirates, crime and horror, the sensational stories were filled with vampires, demons, body snatchers and grizzly murders. Astonishingly successful, these gothic and often dark publications produced such characters as Dick Turpin, and Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber amongst 100’s of others. Costing just a penny, they were immensely popular, selling in their 10’s of thousands a week.

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