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The Decision - Pedestrian safety for 11 -13 year olds

"I felt that the road safety message was clear and concise.The play was very well produced and acted involving three people of obvious talent". Dave Harland - Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service

The Decision is an Award-Winning play.  Focusing on young people and their behaviour on and around roads. The play is set in a courtroom and flashes back to moments in the young peoples lives, eventually leading up to the death of a young boy called Jamie. The Decision quite simply shows us how easy it is to NOT think about what you are doing and demonstrates how dangerous this can be when near roads. Students are asked to vote as a jury to whether the driver is guilty or not guilty. 


Written by Liam Scott 
The Decision received a commendation at The Prince Michael of Kent Awards 2009.
Commissioned by Liverpool Road Safety Team


Key issues: Distraction - Choices - Carelessness

Target audience: Year 7 - 8 (11 - 12 year olds)

Length of performance: 45 minutes

Workshop: Post performance Q&A session

Availability: Throughout the academic year

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