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‘The Haunting’ both written and directed by Liam Scott is genuinely scary and this is one of the plays biggest strengths. While many plays often promise an evening of ‘spine tingling terror’, Liam Scott’s production truly delivers. Scott’s innovative direction creates knife cutting tension throughout, be prepared to be reduced to a nervous, twitching wreck by the end of the two hours.  What makes this theatre company even more exceptional is that they are producing high spec theatre such as ‘The Haunting’ without any funding or grants. In our current political climate this company are an inspiration to the arts community, and a company that the people of Merseyside should be very proud of. 

Clare Howden - The Public Reviews 2011 The Lantern Theatre Liverpool



of Greenacre Cottage 

A real time production that will chill you to the bone

Written and directed by Liam Scott & Clare Keating 


A young couple Mark & Stacey head off to a remote cottage in Wales for a well-deserved break with their young baby…

The tension builds as the couple unfold the terror within the cottage as something does not want them there!  The couple start to realise that things aren’t what they seem and there is something sinister trying to ruin soon their romantic weekend.      

Mark and Stacey are a REAL couple plunged into terrifying ordeal that everyone can relate to! In a true British comedy style performance, the couple bicker through their evening of ghostly encounters...which makes the tension and scenario even more real to the audience!



Friday 18th October 2019

Doors Open 6.30pm 

Show Starts 7.30pm 

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