Jekyll and Hyde Film Poster 2021
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Murder stalks the shady backstreets of Soho, a strange figure who goes by the name of Edward Hyde is identified as the culprit of the recent mayhem yet remains seen by few. His criminal activity in London's underworld and links to high society is an enigma to many. The only connecting piece of the puzzle is his relationship to a certain Doctor Jekyll.With reputations and a friendship at stake, Gabriel John Utterson is determined to unravel this mystery to save his friend from the claws of Mr. Hyde.


GINIFICENT proudly presents a unique screen adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's murderous tale, Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Unlike other productions and films available, our acclaimed production remains faithfully true to the book at all times. Adapted and Directed by Liam Scott.  Remaining true to the original text, character, and plot,  this enthralling adaptation is a fantastic way of bringing the book to life.

Ginificent - Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde