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Supporting GCSE English, Drama, and PHSE.   


Our literacy plays have been amongst the best available in the UK.   Due to COVID 19 and social distancing being in place for some time, we are now working towards a more distant learning programme for the next 18 months.  From spring 2021 we are launching a series of online courses, films, and resources to schools and individuals for home learning.    Click the link below to our online store!

Jekyll and Hyde Movie Poster

Jekyll & Hyde - Film

A feature film of the book, Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  GCSE ENGLISH


A Christmas Carol 

We bring the show to you! GINIFICENT specialise in educational theatre...check out our programme


Road Safety
Theatre in Education

Online learning, the creative way.  Check out our collection of online resources for schools...




Get Creative

with the curriculum

Jekyll and Hyde Movie Poster
Ghost of Christmas Future
A Christmas Carol
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
Jacob Marley
The Cratchit Household
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