A fast paced and dynamic production for primary schools. Our Judge and Lawyers interact with the audience throughout, engaging them on the key messages about road safety in a fun and entertaining way.  

We hear evidence from our witnesses in each case as the Lawyers battle for justice! Using live music, comedy, mellow dramatic characters and naturalistic drama, this best selling production delivers vital messages to young people about the dangers of the road in such a memorable way.   


The Judge recaps all the case studies at the end of the play and asks the Courtroom to keep safe and look out for eachother.  


As well as our special witnesses, members of the Court and Teachers may be invited into the witness box to give evidence on the case studies from their perspective!  

"thank you for such a wonderful performance; it was perhaps the most educational and fun performance I have seen in school for a long time". Mr Alan Petty - Cockfield Primary School

Suitable for Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6) 

Price £375 -£445 


We choose 12 children from the audience to join us on stage to be members of the Jury.  All children of the Court learn about the basics of what happens in a Court of Law. 


The Jury will be asked to declare the defendants in each case either guilty or not guilty after listening to all the evidence in Court! 




DRIVER V PEDESTRIAN - Pedestrian distraction - Crossing between parked cars - Not looking - Using the Rules of the Road

DRIVER V PASSENGER - Driver distraction - Traffic congestion - Parking at schools - Wearing seatbelts

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