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Perfect opens with a normal family home at tea time, we meet Anne who tells us about her daily life as the usual shenanigans of their family home unfolds. Anne introduces the audience to her annoying younger brother Mick; a normal 12 year old boy who like to irritate his older sister.  Next we see Mum and Dad, racing in and out trying to keep up with their busy family life.   We then have the pleasure of  Anne’s older sister Claire who is constantly getting into trouble, she has the attitude and the rebellious nature and audience are led to believe that something will obviously happen to her…  Anne on the other hand is a good teenager who works hard in school, and talks openly to the audience about her family and what is going on around her.  This is often interrupted by her constant clashes with her younger brother Mick however and it is during one of these of arguments, that has spilled into the car journey home, when the accident happens.  Instantly Anne’s voices is lost as she no longer talks to the audience, having her back to the audience the rest of the last act. Following the disaster we see a jaded rerun of the family routine.  But it becomes quickly clear that nothing will ever be the same as every member of the family deals with Anne’s final journey in their own way and the final monologue, which should have been delivered by Anne, is gently delivered by her younger brother as he says his last farewell. 



Road Safety Education - Seat Belts - Driver Distraction - Choices

Target Age Group - 13/14 years - Key Stage 3

Available Through the Academic Year

Price - £465 per Performance

A Chilling True Story with a Powerful Message 

 "The performance and visualisation techniques were so vivid, that I would be surprised if this does not prompt all pupils who have watched it to check, re-check and check again that they are wearing the seatbelt for every journey."


Mrs N. Wilkinson, Year 9 Team Leader - South Axholme Community School

Tel: 07702 201159  Email:info@ginificent@com

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