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A tearful tale about a group of friends and family torn apart due to a fatal accident that killed a 14 year old boy Jacob…Based upon true events, this horrifying play tackling teenage pedestrian deaths on our roads.  


TIME demonstrates how easy we can be distracted and how a single moment in time…a single error can have the most devastating effects on the lives of many.  

Using cinematic scenes and modern technology to enhance the effectiveness, GINIFICENT proudly present TIME


 "A beautiful mix of live theatre, media and music"


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Jacob and Lucy are twins, they live with their father who has been a single dad for many years since their mum died at a young age.  The family share a love of music and are really close.   One fateful night whilst out at a cinema trip with a group of friends after school, Jacob his hit by a car, he was texting Lucy and not thinking, he stepped into the road. There was nothing the driver could have done.  Jacob later died in hospital after suffering severe head injuries.

Key issues

Pedestrian Distractions & Road Safety

Target audience: 12-15 years 

Length of performance: 45min 

Workshop: 15min Q&A 

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